About Branch TV

Our Story


Branch TV offers the best iProtocol TV service available at a fraction of the cost of satellite or cable TV service.

Branch TV started with our desire to save money by cutting non-essential household bills. However, we still wanted the luxury of premium home entertainment.  After much research, we discovered video streaming.  Understandably with the rising cost of Cable and Satellite over the years, streaming has been the most economical option for PC’s and laptop computers. We decided to take this technology to another level and we created Branch TV!

Branch TV enables you to watch the sports, movies and network series you love, on any device. All without the hassle mandatory equipment purchases, premium channel rates and hidden charges.  Branch TV is the better option for music videos, live sports, news, movies and network television shows!

Branch TV offers better service at a much better price. Cable companies charge a premium on installation, a premium on equipment, a premium on                 channels for sports and movie packages. Branch TV lets you have ALL access to ALL channels at NO additional charge; instant savings!  Sports fans can now watch every game without any extra equipment or cost. All you need is a high-speed internet connection. You can watch Branch TV on your Smart TV, Amazon Firestick, PC, Laptop, Android device or iOS device. The choice is yours.  


Our goal is to put the power, and the money, back in the hands of the consumer!